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Find the best place to live!

Finding a new place to live in London is never an easy thing. Which zone is affordable? Where should I live so I can get where I need to be quickly? It usually requires long and extensive research. Working in the same area as your partner and having your favourite gym next to work is a rare luxury. We commute,we spend hours on tube, trains and buses. Whenever we move around, we spend hours trying to find a place we can afford but also a place that is convenient to commute to work, gyms, galleries and shops. Live by the river is a great starting point - our app is here to help you.

Do you use public transport? Maybe you prefer to use public roads? Tell us where you commute, what your budget is, whether you want a place to buy or rent. We will tell you the areas you can afford and whats close to your daily destinations.

Share your results with your friends and family - if they live in London, they must face the same dilemma! Share and spread the word! Live by the river!

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